In 2013, the island's last mammalian predator was eradicated, enabling the restoration of wildlife with Auckland Zoo to begin. This means we need your help to ensure the safety of our native animals by keeping the island pest free.

Before you visit, please:

  • Check your bags thoroughly for rodents, insects (especially ants) and other pests prior to boarding the ferry;
  • Leave your dog on board your vessel if visiting by boat as no dogs or domestic animals are permitted as they may endanger the island's wildlife, particularly shore birds;
  • All bags must be SEALED - plastic bags, open top bags and supermarket bags are easy for pests to access so please leave these at home! Carry food in sealed, rodent proof plastic containers and take your rubbish home;
  • Check your footwear is clean and that there is no soil or seeds in laces or treads;
  • Leave your bicycle at home and if you're bringing a buggy, make sure your tyre treads aren't packed with dirt or insects.

Thank you for your cooperation.